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Avert your eyes! My Sunday morning look at incompetency, corruption and policy failures:

The Age of Doom: Social media has convinced us that everything is awful all the time For a huge number of young people climate change isn’t an issue that’s serious but solvable – it’s the end of human civilization. According a survey from The Lancet, more than half of young people think ‘humanity is doomed’ due to climate change. Viewed over the timespan of decades, LGBT rights and rights for racial minorities have made tremendous progress. You could certainly argue there’s more work to do, but it seems undeniable that things have improved compared to previous generations. (Infinite Scroll)

Accounts of Sexual Violence by Hamas Are Aired Amid Criticism of U.N. A presentation at the U.N., organized in part by Sheryl Sandberg, accused the body of ignoring the rape and mutilation of women in the Oct. 7 assault on Israel, and heard gruesome details from witnesses. (New York Times) see also The World’s Feminists Need to Show Up for Israeli Victims: Solidarity for victims of sexual assault should trump other politics. (Slate)

How Suspects Laundered Billions in Singapore for Years: The city-state that’s embraced foreign wealth is reeling from an investigation that saw authorities seize cash, 62 cars, 152 properties and gold bars. (Bloomberg)

Yale sparked a U.S. News rankings revolt. Here’s what happened next. Yale law’s decision to stop cooperating with the publication landed like a thunderclap. Records show what other schools thought about the ‘revolution.’ (Washington Post)

Why Doctors and Pharmacists Are in Revolt: Once accustomed to a status outside the usual management-labor hierarchy, many health professionals now feel as put upon as any clock-punching worker. (New York Times)

The Bogus Historians Who Teach Evangelicals They Live in a Theocracy: A new book on the Christian right reveals how a series of unscrupulous leaders turned politics into a powerful and lucrative gospel. (Politico)

Exposing violent watch thieves and their young female: To expose how they operate, I tracked down numerous watch thieves. Through unprecedented access into their world, I found out how they plan and execute their aggressive attacks. The Metropolitan Police explained how the thefts were organised crime – and throughout, I asked the thieves if they felt any guilt about what they were doing. ‘spotters’ (BBC)

An oil executive is leading the UN climate summit. It’s going as well as you’d expect. The head of COP28 is facing widespread backlash for his comments on fossil fuels. (Vox)

‘What drives a man to do this?’: re-examining the murder of John Lennon: In a new Apple docuseries covering the shocking murder of one of music’s most beloved figures, the life and motivations of his killer are placed under the spotlight. (The Guardian)  

Which Movies Are The Most Polarizing? A Statistical Analysis: The Greatest Worst Movie of All Time In 1978, film critic Michael Medved and his brother Harry published “The Fifty Worst Films of All Time,” a compendium of the most flawed works in movie history. At the end of their book, the Medveds provided an address for readers to submit their choices for low-quality films—an empty gesture that would ultimately unearth a cinematic. (Stat Significant)

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Social media has convinced us that everything is awful all the time

Source: Infinite Scroll


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