Smooth sailing with King Price


Ahoy there, fellow water enthusiasts! Whether you’re sailing along the breathtaking Garden Route coastline or bobbing around on the Vaal Dam, 1 thing is for sure: Watercraft adventures are awesome and the king is all for them.

But hey, even the sturdiest ship can hit an unexpected iceberg (did someone say Titanic?) and that’s where King Price’s watercraft insurance is a lifesaver! So, batten down the hatches and get ready to embark on a watertight journey through the world of watercraft insurance, sprinkled with royal service.

All aboard the King Price watercraft insurance ship

When it comes to insuring your beloved boat (even if it has an incredibly cheesy name that you’re too shy to explain to anyone), King Price is the captain you want at the helm. We offer cover for most watercraft types, from sleek speedboats to mighty yachts, adding to your peace of mind on the open waters. Just like a sturdy anchor, King Price watercraft insurance keeps you securely protected in case things go very wrong.

Navigating through cover options

From basic liability cover that protects you against third party claims, to cover that guards your vessel against damage, theft, and even pirate attacks (‘I’m the captain now’) we’ve got you covered.

Fishing for insurance

Once you’re hooked (see what we did there?) on the watercraft aspect, you’ll probably start buying more items to make a day on the open water even more fun.

Make sure you insure other items like water-skis, wakeboards, fishing rods, wetsuits, diving equipment, fish finders and GPS/navigation units separately under portable possessions so that you know they’re also covered.

So, if you happen to hook the catch of a lifetime at the annual Henties fishing competition (yes, you’re covered in Namibia as well) only to accidentally drop your prized fishing rod overboard, the king has your back. Just be sure to keep your grip on that trophy fish because we all know how important that photo is when it comes to bragging rights among your friends.

Besides the great watercraft cover offered by the king of insurance, our friendly crew is always ready to assist you, whether you have questions about your policy or in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim.

Since we’ve upped the cheesy factor in this blog by nautical miles already, we’ll end it off with a brilliant 1-liner to keep you smiling.

With King Price, you won’t be left treading water; we’ll guide you safely back to the shore.

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Smooth sailing with King Price

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Smooth sailing with King Price


Discover the watertight world of watercraft insurance with King Price. From sleek speedboats to mighty yachts, their coverage keeps you protected against damage, theft, and even pirate attacks. Insure your watercraft and other accessories, and enjoy the royal service of their friendly crew. Stay afloat with King Price and sail worry-free on the open waters.


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