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It was a huge pleasure to take the two Enlightened Economist Prize winners, Ed Conway and Paul Johnson, to a celebratory lunch yesterday. The conversation turned to other things we’ve read and – importantly at this season – what we’d like to read. Ed and I have both read the proofs of Brett Christophers’ *excellent* February 2024 book on energy markets and the challenges of investing in renewables, The Price is Wrong. I’m partway through David Kreps’ book on preference formation and the implications for economics, Arguing About Tastes – an important subject.

But various others came up in the conversation. It sounds like Underground Empire by Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman would be right up my street. I want to read Anu Bradford’s Digital Empires, Fei Fei Li’s The Worlds I See, and also haven’t yet got round to Angus Deaton’s Economics in America. I bought Charles Crowson’s Jam Tomorrow but haven’t yet read that either. I see from the new Princeton University Press catalogue that they have a book, Discounting the Future, by Liliana Dogonva, that I’ll definitely want to read when it’s out in April

In any case, other recommendations for holiday reading (and beyond) please!BCBF7F75-24DB-4F1F-9A62-B43D8E96F7AE_1_105_c


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