Question: What is the top ranked clothing brand for Gen Z?

Dressed to impress, Gen Z’s leading choice is more than just a ‘check’ on their list!

Answer: Nike


  • Why do you think that Nike and the other top brands are so popular for Gen Z?
  • What factors in a clothing brand do you consider when shopping? Why?
  • Does your budget ever impact which brands you are willing to purchase? Why or why not?

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Behind the numbers (Visual Capitalist):

“In clothing, Nike was the preferred brand for 35% of those polled, followed by Lululemon and American Eagle at 6% and 4% respectively. Inclusivity and diversity-focused brand Pacsun ranked fourth at 3%, further highlighting Gen Z’s preference for socially conscious and authentic brands.

Piper Sandler’s survey also revealed a slight fall in overall teen spending, the first decrease seen since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Down 1% year-over-year, it has mainly been attributed to inflation and environmental concerns.

The decrease came primarily from female spending, as male fashion spending actually increased. In the female categories, apparel and shoes spending were down by 9% and 5% year-over-year, but increased by 8% in accessories spending.

As Gen Z deals with economic worries and sifts through trendy thrift stores, social media posts, and the values of companies, the onus falls increasingly to the brands themselves to attract greater followings.

If Nike can do it, so can the rest.”



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