8 Items to Decorate Your Apartment With This Fall

As the
seasons change, so may your decorations! When living in an apartment, you may
not have the space to spare for extra clutter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t
still go all out! Bring in the beauty of fall with these practical, autumn-inspired
décor items!

1. Pillows, Blankets, and Throws

Blankets and
pillows are certainly a highlight of the fall season. Keep warm and decorate
for autumn by putting
comfy blankets and decorative pillows out for display. Going
for classic prints like plaid and earth-tones like red, brown, green, and
yellow, will bring out those fall feelings! You might also consider trying
prints with leaves, pumpkins, or apples to make your home extra cozy.


2. Fall
Scented Candles and Essential Oils

fall-scented candles to your home is an easy way to create a cozy vibe. If you
are not allowed to burn candles in your apartment, you can try diffusers as an
alternative. Some classic fall scents include pumpkin, spiced apple, and
cinnamon. Pro-tip: putting too many different scents in a
can actually
have a negative effect on the smell of your apartment and can even cause
headaches. Consider only burning one scent at a time.


3. String

lights can make a great addition to any room. Decorative lighting, like string
lights, are sold in many stores and come in many different styles and shapes
including pumpkins and leaves. Adding string lighting around
and on decorative tables will help bring warmth to your home during a cold time
of year. Just remember to be cautious, as decorative lighting can increase the
risk of
fires and electrical injuries if not used


4. Wreath

Wreaths can
be an easy statement pieces for seasons and specific occasions. They are often
placed at or near a main entrance, but they may also be hung over windows or
above mantles. Whether you purchase one or make it yourself, wreaths can be a
great addition to your
DIY wreaths
can include leaves, corn cobs, mini pumpkins, branches, berry garlands or
autumnal flowers.


5. Mini

pumpkins to decorate is a great way to welcome fall into your home, however you
may not have the space for many full-size pumpkins in your apartment. Mini
pumpkins are the perfect solution to this, as they can be purchased in all
different colors, shapes, and sizes. They are often available at grocery stores
. Consider
using them to decorate your mantle, tables, windowsills and more!


6. Fall
Inspired Centerpiece

A homemade
centerpiece for your countertop or dining room table can be made from fall
flowers, pumpkins, leaves, pinecones, and
candles. With a little imagination and
creativity these centerpieces can bring a festive look to any table.


7. Fall

Whether they
are real or artificial, flowers are sure to accent any space. Fall flowers look
great in vases, centerpieces, and wreaths. You might even consider
incorporating dried florals for a more
autumnal feel!  Some popular fall flowers include marigolds,
ranunculus, and dahlias.


8. Decorative

Hanging up signs
with fall-themed phrases or images like pumpkins or colored leaves can
instantly increase the festive feel. You can find these types of signs in many
craft and home décor stores.


The days are
, the air is crisp, and the leaves
are falling. Now that your apartment is decorated for the season, it’s time to
go out and have some fall themed fun! Check out the link below learn more about
all the family-friendly fall excursions you can take in upstate New York! 

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