Prime Opinion Review: Cash for Surveys

prime opinion review

Prime Opinion is a survey website that will earn you small amounts of cash.

If you have some extra time on your hands, filling out surveys is one way to earn some money. The catch is that you have to weed through some unsavory sites to find a legitimate survey site.

Prime Opinion is one legit survey website that will pay you to fill out surveys. While you won’t become a millionaire by filling out Prime Opinion surveys, it does present an opportunity for you to earn small amounts of cash anytime you have free time.

We will explore everything about Prime Opinion to help you decide if the opportunity is worth your time and money.

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  • Online survey site that pays you to take surveys.
  • You can earn a welcome bonus of up to 500 points, which equates to $5.
  • You can earn up to $5 per survey, but most surveys earn less than $2.
  • Use Bonus Code thecollegeinvestor10 to earn 10% more points for 7 days.

PayPal, direct deposit, and gift cards

 Up to 500 points, which is equal to $5  

What Is Prime Opinion?

Prime Opinion is an online survey platform that pays users to complete surveys. When you complete surveys, you’ll earn points. Eventually, you can redeem these points for cash or gift cards. 

What Does It Offer?

Prime Opinion has a collection of surveys to complete. When you fill out a survey, you’ll be rewarded with points. Each point is worth roughly one cent. So 500 points is worth $5.00.

Each survey let’s you know approximately how much time it will take to complete it and how many points you will earn. This allows you to complete surveys that will be worth your time. 

Ample Surveys

When you sign up to work with a survey site, a steady supply of surveys is helpful. When I signed up for Prime Opinion, it seemed to offer a large number of surveys. For example, I found dozens of surveys to work through.

On the website it says there are currently 1,083 surveys available and the average user made $11 yesterday. 

You won’t qualify for every survey you come across. You’ll be asked demographic questions at the start of the survey and may not be allowed to continue if you aren’t in the demographic they are looking for. 

prime opinion review

Welcome Bonus

When you sign up, you’ll have the option to choose your welcome bonus. You can choose 100 points, 200 points, or 500 points. 

Plus, our readers can get an extra 10% bonus points by using the code thecollegeinvesto10. Simply go to “More” -> “Redeem Bonus Code” and enter “thecollegeinvestor10”. 

The larger the welcome bonus you choose the longer you’ll have to wait before you can cash out. If you choose 100 bonus points you can cash out when you reach 500 points. If you choose 200 bonus points you can cash out when you have 1,000 points, and 500 bonus points let’s you cash out at 2,500 points. 

So the larger the welcome bonus you choose, the more surveys you’ll have to complete before you see any reward. 

prime opinion review

Redemption Options

As you earn points with Prime Opinion, you’ll be able to redeem the points for cash or gift cards. Some of the payment options include cash through PayPal, cash to your bank account, or gift cards to stores like Amazon, Apple, Shopify, Starbucks, and more.

The redemption threshold varies based on the welcome reward amount you choose. If you cash out using Venmo or ACH, the minimum redemption amount is $1. On the other end, if you want an Uber gift card, you’ll need to redeem at least $20 worth of points. 

The points appear to be worth one penny each, with 500 points equaling $5.

Time Commitment

Before you take a survey, Prime Opinion gives you an estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete. In addition to that information, you can see how many points you’ll earn from the survey. For surveys with more points, you’ll likely need to commit more time.

For example, I saw a survey worth 66 points with an estimated time commitment of 15 minutes. On the other end of the scale, I saw a survey worth 260 points with a 40 time commitment. In either case, your hourly earning rate isn’t impressive.

While Prime Opinion offers an opportunity to make some extra cash in your downtime, it’s unlikely that you’ll earn a significant amount of funds through the platform. If you are looking for a life-changing side hustle, getting paid for surveys is likely not the right choice. But if you have lots of downtime during your day, filling out surveys can be a way to make a few bucks when you would otherwise be scrolling social media. 

Are There Any Fees?

No, Prime Opinion doesn’t charge you any fees for receiving payments. But the amount you’ll earn through this platform might not be a game-changer for your finances. 

How Does Prime Opinion Compare?

Prime Opinion isn’t the only platform that pays you to answer surveys. Here’s how it stacks up.

Survey Junkie is another platform that offers to pay you for answering surveys. But Survey Junkie will also pay you to share your opinion through focus groups. Like Prime Opinion, you won’t get rich by taking surveys with Survey Junkie. But you can use it as a way to capitalize on your downtime. In terms of payout, Survey Junkie’s redemption options are similar to Prime Opinion’s.

InboxDollars offers a more versatile way to earn money online. In addition to taking surveys for money, you can earn cash by reading emails, shopping online, playing games, watching videos, searching online, and more. Although InboxDollars offers more ways to earn cash, you won’t earn a significant amount from the tasks. But it could be a way to monetize your free time.


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PayPal, Venmo, ACH, Visa Gift Card, Retail Gift Cards, Donation to Charity

PayPal, Gift Cards, Prepaid Debit Cards


How Do I Open An Account?

Opening an account with Prime Opinion took me less than three minutes. You simply have to provide your email and make a password. From there, you’ll need to confirm your email address through a link sent to your inbox.

Once the account is open, you can select your welcome bonus. If you choose a higher welcome bonus, you’ll have to earn more points to make your initial points redemption. After that, you can start taking surveys immediately.

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Is It Safe And Secure?

Prime Opinion is in the business of selling your opinion to marketing partners. With that, the privacy policy indicates your personal information may be disclosed to other companies. If you want to protect your information, then you might not want to work with Prime Opinion.

How Do I Contact Prime Opinion?

You can get in touch with Prime Opinion by filling out a contact form on their website. Unfortunately, you won’t find an email address or phone number to get connected with a customer service rep when you have questions.

Prime Opinion has earned a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, with over 5,700 reviewers. Additionally, both the Android mobile app and Apple mobile app have earned a rating of over 4 out of 5 stars. 

Is It Worth It?

Prime Opinion offers a way to earn some extra cash. But the reality is that you aren’t going to earn a large sum of money by taking online surveys. While you could earn small amounts of cash, which can definitely make a difference, you might want to look for another side hustle if you are looking to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

If you want to increase your income in a big way, consider exploring a more lucrative side hustle. 

Opinion Prime Features

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • ACH
  • Visa Gift Card
  • Retail Gift Cards
  • Donations to Charity

Web/Desktop Account Access

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