Free Teeth Whitening Set — A $76 Value {Just Pay Shipping!}

Get a free Teeth Whitening Set! Wanting to whiten your teeth? You can get this Teeth Whitening Set for FREE! This is a $76 value! This set includes whitening gel, gel applicants, and a LED mouthpiece with power cord. You will need to pay shipping which is $8.99. Valid through February 29, 2024. When you … Read more

Retire in Style in Thailand for Singaporeans- Bangkok n etc

After our previous article on retiring in Johor Bahru for Singaporeans, we bring to you the idea of retiring in Thailand for Singaporeans in style. It has been a choice weekend getaway to Bangkok for some retail, massage and food therapy. Or we could laze around on the pristine beaches of Phuket or Krabi. Not forgetting the … Read more

Getting it right: Why is claims satisfaction so high? | Insurance Blog

An insurance claim comes at a stressful time in a customer’s life, often making it a negative experience. At least, that’s what you might assume. That’s why I was surprised when our latest research report, Why AI in Insurance Claims and Underwriting,   Speed of settlement drives claims satisfaction in insurance Overall, our survey found that … Read more

Opinion: L.A. can build more housing without looking like New York

With the typical cost of a home in Los Angeles soon topping $1 million, and the state’s median rent approaching $3,000, there’s a sense of doom around how unaffordable California has become. We clearly need more housing density to meet the current needs. But we don’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle to which Californians have … Read more

The Rich Versus Poor Country Stakes at the WTO’s 13th Ministerial Conference This Month in Abu Dhabi

Yves here. The new Global Majority is challenging the established economic powers in more and more venues. Here we see power struggle expected at the upcoming WTO. By Deborah James (, the Director of International Programs at the Center for Economic and Policy Research ( and facilitates the global Our World Is Not for Sale … Read more

When Feeling Bad Is No Longer Allowed

After receiving significant criticism for my post, Embrace Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck To One Day Be Free, I find myself contemplating the existence of a net worth level that brings about serenity and inner peace, prohibiting one from feeling troubled. Is there a financial threshold beyond which emotional turmoil becomes unacceptable? Despite my attempt to turn a … Read more

Oil price expectations amid risk sentiments and supply increase

February 23, 2024 ( Newswire) Crude oil (WTI) is trading at $77.16 per barrel, while Brent crude is trading at $81.81 per barrel during today’s Friday trading. Oil prices have dropped by approximately 1% after Iraq announced the reopening of a refinery that had been closed for ten years. This comes amid expectations that OPEC+ … Read more

Here’s how to reduce your capital gains tax bill after selling a home

Witthaya Prasongsin | Moment | Getty Images Despite a slump in U.S. home sales, many homeowners made a profit selling property in 2023. Those gains could trigger a tax bill this season, depending on the size of the windfall, experts say. In 2023, home sellers made a $121,000 profit on the typical median-priced single-family home, … Read more