Free Teeth Whitening Set — A $76 Value {Just Pay Shipping!}

Get a free Teeth Whitening Set! Wanting to whiten your teeth? You can get this Teeth Whitening Set for FREE! This is a $76 value! This set includes whitening gel, gel applicants, and a LED mouthpiece with power cord. You will need to pay shipping which is $8.99. Valid through February 29, 2024. When you … Read more

When Feeling Bad Is No Longer Allowed

After receiving significant criticism for my post, Embrace Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck To One Day Be Free, I find myself contemplating the existence of a net worth level that brings about serenity and inner peace, prohibiting one from feeling troubled. Is there a financial threshold beyond which emotional turmoil becomes unacceptable? Despite my attempt to turn a … Read more

Home Sweet Home: 9 Things DINK Couples Should Consider About Buying or Renting a Home in Today’s Market

In the current real estate market, Double Income, No Kids (DINK) couples face unique considerations when deciding whether buying or renting a home is the best option. With unique financial and lifestyle advantages for each choice, these discussions have become more nuanced than ever. Below, we have listed nine critical factors to help you navigate … Read more

12 Clever Tips to Spot Credit Card Skimmers at ATM Machines and Gas Stations

In an era where financial transactions are predominantly digital, credit card skimming has emerged as a significant threat. This deceptive practice involves illegally obtaining credit card information using hidden devices. Understanding how to identify these devices at ATMs and gas stations is essential for safeguarding your financial information. Understanding Credit Card Skimmers Credit card skimmers … Read more

It’s tax time: Here’s what you need to know for the 2023 filing season

Breadcrumb Trail Links Taxes Personal Finance Jamie Golombek: Here’s what’s new on this year’s return, plus some other things to keep in mind Published Feb 22, 2024  •  Last updated 16 hours ago  •  5 minute read A mail drop box outside the Canada Revenue Agency in Toronto. This year’s general tax filing deadline is April … Read more

*HOT* DSW Shoe Sale: Stackable Savings on Adidas, Vans, Saucony, and more for the whole family!

Wow!! DSW is running a HUGE sale on brand-name shoes for the family right now, with prices marked down as much as 50% off. On top of that, you can use code FOMO at checkout to save an additional 25% off sale prices! And shipping is free for Rewards members (free to join). There are … Read more

Most Dangerous Early Retirement Strategy To Follow: Coast FIRE

In 2009, I established my first rule of FIRE: generate enough passive income to cover your basic living expenses. Once achieved, you attain financial independence and the freedom to pursue your desires. Since then, various permutations of FIRE have emerged, one of which is Coast FIRE. Coast FIRE involves front-loading your retirement savings and then … Read more

5 Types of Licenses for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors help individuals make informed decisions about their finances, but it’s also important to ensure that anyone you trust to manage your finances has the proper licenses. Anyone can call themselves a financial advisor, but not everyone has the credentials to back it up. While financial professionals don’t have one set license requirement, some … Read more

Maximizing Wealth with No Heirs: Strategic Financial Planning Tips for DINKs

In an era where financial freedom and personal fulfillment are paramount, Double Income, No Kids (DINK) couples stand in a unique position. Without the financial responsibilities of childcare, DINKs have a golden opportunity to maximize their wealth. Here are nine strategic financial planning tips designed to help DINK couples make the most of their financial … Read more