What They Are and Why They Matter

This post is part of a series sponsored by AgentSync. Yes, PBM is yet another in a long line of insurance acronyms, but where would we be without them? Using a lot more words to say the same thing, for sure! With prescription drug costs ever increasing (and an ever-increasing topic of conversation), it’s more … Read more

Home gardening tips: From organic produce to beautiful landscaping

Gardening isn’t just a pastime… It’s a lifestyle choice that brings numerous benefits. From cultivating organic produce to enhancing your home’s aesthetic with beautiful landscaping, gardening can be both rewarding and sustainable. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some essential tips that will help you achieve your gardening goals, all while keeping an eye … Read more

Living in a converted chapel: everything you need to know

Converting a disused chapel into your dream home is a unique and rewarding endeavour that requires careful planning, creativity, and a skilled team of professionals.  This ambitious project involves multiple stages, including hiring an architect, selecting tradesmen, fitting utilities, and transforming the space into functional bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas. In this comprehensive guide, … Read more

Maximizing investment in policy administration systems | Insurance Blog

Today’s cloud-based policy administration systems (PAS) are designed to enable both P&C and Life insurers to manage policies through their entire lifecycle and are the foundation of carriers’ digital strategies. These types of platforms are a boon to carriers looking for ways to enhance their customer relationships and develop more effective offerings but many carriers … Read more

Resilience inspires optimism in the insurance industry | Insurance Blog

Despite continuing market volatility and uncertainty, we are fundamentally optimistic about the future of the insurance industry, which has demonstrated resilience through the pandemic and in the face of inflation, losses, and reserve capital requirement headwinds.  As COVID-19 became a global pandemic in March 2020, the resulting economic slowdown caused insurance industry valuations to drop … Read more

Insurance lingo 101: Hilariously complex jargon made simple

If you’ve ever tried reading an insurance document and felt like you stumbled into an advanced Latin class, you’re not alone! Insurance lingo can be tricky, with words that sound like they belong in a medieval spell book. But fret not, brave reader. We’ve delved into the whimsical world of King Price’s dictionary to decode … Read more