Why the ETF Structure May be More Tax Efficient for the American Investors.

Exchange-traded funds (ETF) in the United States have some tax advantages compared to the unit trust in the United States. This means that it may be more efficient for an American investor to invest through an ETF structure than a unit trust structure. It has become more popular for existing unit trust to attach an … Read more

Warrandyte: Palm Springs, American Craftsman vibes at home that’s described as a “place of little frogs”

Named Nangkita, the house at 11 Pygmalion Rise, Warrandyte, has a resort-like feel. A resort-style entertainer’s paradise is bringing a slice of Palm Springs’ cool to Melbourne’s north east. Diana and Chris Lang’s house at 11 Pygmalion Rise, Warrandyte, once hosted more than 100 guests for a Cancer Council fundraising event. The couple have also … Read more

How Bad IS The American Economy?

The “silent depression” is here. Just like in 1929, the American economy is ravaged by a declining GDP, plummeting asset prices, widespread unemployment, and a completely fractured banking system. Wait…are any of those things happening today? Not quite. But, according to social media, a “silent depression” is widespread across the American economy, with high inflation, limited wage growth, and low homeownership for millennials and Gen Z. To explain … Read more

Currency Mistakes of the Past are Contributing to an Ailing American Economy

In this article It’s been nearly four years since COVID-19 burst onto the global stage. We’ve returned to normal, but “normal” just doesn’t mean what it used to.   Domestically, Americans are feeling worn out. Social tensions are high and have been for a couple of decades. Conservatives and the right wing waste no time in … Read more