Why Aren’t More People Talking About MULN Stock?

[ad_1] At first glance, Mullen Automotive (Nasdaq: MULN) might seem like just another electric car startup. But, this EV maker has a pretty unique story that should make it incredibly interesting to stock market investors across the country. I’m honestly not sure why more people aren’t talking about it. That said, here’s everything you need … Read more

Why Aren’t More Patents Leading to More Productivity?

[ad_1] The number of US patents granted has been rising rapidly. However, US productivity has not been rising. Why aren’t more patents leading to more productivity? Aakash Kalyani of the St. Louis Federal Reserve discusses research that suggests an intriguing possibility in “The Innovation Puzzle: Patents and Productivity Growth” (Economic Syn0pses: Federal Reserve Bank of … Read more

Why aren’t Canada and other Anglo nations turning against immigration more?

[ad_1] That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column.  I cover several points, here is one of them, based on the economic idea of intertemporal substitution: In this sense, Canada is ahead of much of the rest of the world in seeing the importance of these factors and turning it into actionable policy. It … Read more