Question of the Day: How many Americans receive a tax refund and what is the average dollar amount?

Audit I’m saying is it can be accrual world out there. A refund can help you return to normal.  Answer:  About ⅔ of Americans receive a refund Average amount: $3,167   Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Questions: How might receiving a tax refund impact consumer spending and saving behavior? Compare the advantages and disadvantages … Read more

If I Earn 10% Yearly On Average, and Inflation Averages 3% Yearly, I can Safely Spend 7% Yearly Right?

I think you should know my answer. It will depend on your luck. I think it is easy to be lured into using averages for a lot of our decision-making at work in each of our fields. But how much do you trust averages in your field of work (not in F.I. income math)? One … Read more