120 Rentals in 3 Years by Buying Multifamily During a BAD Market

Would you buy multifamily real estate now? Asset prices are falling, mortgage rates are still high, banks aren’t taking on new loans, and every real estate “expert” thinks that the multifamily space is full of dead deals. If this was so true, then how did Brian Adamson build a multimillion-dollar, 120-unit portfolio with plenty of … Read more

When Feeling Bad Is No Longer Allowed

After receiving significant criticism for my post, Embrace Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck To One Day Be Free, I find myself contemplating the existence of a net worth level that brings about serenity and inner peace, prohibiting one from feeling troubled. Is there a financial threshold beyond which emotional turmoil becomes unacceptable? Despite my attempt to turn a … Read more

Opinion: How renting in L.A. could go from bad to worse

Renting in Los Angeles is about to become more difficult for many people. The last of Los Angeles’ pandemic-era renter protections expired Feb. 1. For the first time since April 2020, owners of rent-stabilized apartments — 70% of rental units in the city — are allowed to increase rents. And the last chunk of any … Read more

How Bad IS The American Economy?

The “silent depression” is here. Just like in 1929, the American economy is ravaged by a declining GDP, plummeting asset prices, widespread unemployment, and a completely fractured banking system. Wait…are any of those things happening today? Not quite. But, according to social media, a “silent depression” is widespread across the American economy, with high inflation, limited wage growth, and low homeownership for millennials and Gen Z. To explain … Read more

Bad guys go free, compliant Canadians burdened with new trust rules

Breadcrumb Trail Links Taxes Personal Finance Kim Moody: The rules will miserably fail at achieving their objectives Published Jan 16, 2024  •  Last updated 1 hour ago  •  5 minute read Simple and routine scenarios such as co-signing for a child’s mortgage or including yourself on your aging parents’ bank accounts may create a bare trust … Read more