Insurance News: How AI is enabling the future workforce | Insurance Blog

The insurance industry continues to cope with an aging workforce and with the impacts of the Great Resignation. To fill the resource gaps, carriers are increasingly turning to collaborative robots, or cobots, to help train and retain younger workers.  In this Insurance News Analysis, we were delighted to welcome Matt Coughlin, Founder & CEO of … Read more

Embedded insurance: a brief overview | Insurance Blog

Embedded insurance is currently a red-hot topic in the industry. It has permeated many of our recent conversations as clients evaluate how embedded currently impacts—or could impact—their distribution plans. The sense of urgency is compounded by disruptor companies like Tesla throwing their hat, in a meaningful way, into the insurance ring.  Some recent perspectives on … Read more

Maximizing investment in policy administration systems | Insurance Blog

Today’s cloud-based policy administration systems (PAS) are designed to enable both P&C and Life insurers to manage policies through their entire lifecycle and are the foundation of carriers’ digital strategies. These types of platforms are a boon to carriers looking for ways to enhance their customer relationships and develop more effective offerings but many carriers … Read more

Resilience inspires optimism in the insurance industry | Insurance Blog

Despite continuing market volatility and uncertainty, we are fundamentally optimistic about the future of the insurance industry, which has demonstrated resilience through the pandemic and in the face of inflation, losses, and reserve capital requirement headwinds.  As COVID-19 became a global pandemic in March 2020, the resulting economic slowdown caused insurance industry valuations to drop … Read more

How sustainability and workforce transformation inspire innovation | Insurance Blog

The recent 2022 Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards are a powerful, practical illustration of the trends shaping the insurance industry. Sustainability and workforce transformation are becoming central to insurers for retaining relevance in a changing market. Insurers need to embed sustainability into their strategy and value proposition, and they have to embrace workforce transformation in … Read more

5 key generative AI use cases in insurance distribution | Insurance Blog

GenAI has taken the world by storm. You can’t attend an industry conference, participate in an industry meeting, or plan for the future without GenAI entering the discussion. As an industry, we are in near constant discussion about disruption, evolving market factors – often outside of our control (e.g., consumer expectations, impacts of the capital … Read more

Insurance News: Cloud connectivity in an evolving risk landscape | Insurance Blog

With all the connectivity that cloud enables, and complex dynamics at play in determining who has the responsibility to process and protect PII, insurers need to work with their ecosystem partners to protect the data of their customers and employees. In this Insurance News Analysis, we were delighted to welcome Aaron Davidson, Global Head of … Read more

Reaching new insurance customers with insurtech innovation | Insurance Blog

Over the past few years, the Insurtech sector has established itself as a vital catalyst for innovation in the insurance industry. Insurtech is a term that comprises a new group of technology-based start-ups that are disrupting the insurance industry. Agile, technology-centred and adaptive to emerging customer needs, they fulfil an important need for refreshed insurance … Read more

How customer experience drives growth for life insurers | Insurance Blog

Customer experience can be a competitive differentiator for life insurers, and many of them are making strategic investments in customer experience across the enterprise to bolster business growth. These investments in people and technology are providing the 360-degree view of their customers that’s needed to uncover new opportunities. At the same time, they’re enabling a … Read more

Insuring the programmable world | Insurance Blog

As we move into a new phase of innovation after the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, insurers need to look ahead to determine what their technology priorities should be today. Our 2022 Technology Vision report focuses on the expansion of the digital world and the increasing overlap between physical and virtual reality. One of … Read more