Tech billionaires plan to build California city from scratch

For years, residents in Solano County heard about a mysterious group buying up thousands of acres of farmland and making millionaires out of property owners. The agricultural land had been owned by the same families for decades — some of it for more than a century. But the company, Flannery Associates, did not say what … Read more

How to build a retirement ‘paycheque’ to replace your work paycheque

Breadcrumb Trail Links Retirement Personal Finance Ted Rechtshaffen: From deferring CPP to taking out a HELOC, these strategies can help you create cash flow Published Feb 16, 2024  •  Last updated 3 days ago  •  4 minute read In retirement, you may not need to replace your work paycheque and only need to create the cash … Read more

6 Ways to Help Your Child Build Credit During College

College students have a lot on their plate already, including the need to study to get good grades, participating in any number of on-campus activities and potentially working part-time to have some spending money. That said, college students should also focus on their financial future, including steps they can take to build credit before they … Read more

How Ryan Haywood Used Investing and Deal Generation As a Way to Build Communities and Wealth

In this article “You’re making too much money.” That’s what echoed in Missouri native Ryan Haywood’s ears after his boss decided to slash his commissions—a “sales haircut,” as it’s bitterly known in the industry.  This notion of being penalized for success was perplexing for Ryan. Out of all the downsides of his job—the after-hours calls … Read more

How to use rent-reporting services to build, improve credit

Luis Alvarez | Digitalvision | Getty Images While rent payments do not traditionally affect your credit, a growing number of so-called rent-reporting services are trying to change that. These services track users’ rent-paying habits and report them to one or more of the big credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — with the aim … Read more

How to pick an architect and how to manage the build

Experts suggest thinking about how you’ll use your home in future when considering a building project. 10’000 Hours | Digitalvision | Getty Images Extending your home or remodeling your kitchen and bathroom may be an exciting prospect but it’s worth carefully planning the design and build to manage the risks involved, according to specialists who … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Make Money to Quickly Build Your Emergency Fund

A well-padded emergency fund can be a lifesaver. This ensures that you can rely on your savings to handle the unexpected, such as a surprise job loss, unplanned car repairs, or damage to your home. While there is some debate on how large your emergency fund needs to be, most experts – including personal finance … Read more

Every Strategy I Used To Build My Portfolio for Financial Independence

In this article You may not be familiar with modern portfolio theory, but you probably know its core tenet: Investors should diversify among uncorrelated assets to maximize returns while minimizing risk.  Soren Godbersen at EquityMultiple makes a strong case that if you subscribe to modern portfolio theory, private equity real estate belongs in your portfolio. In … Read more