Boomerang Kids: 8 Factors Fueling the Trend of Adult Children Living With Baby Boomer Parents

For many young adults, there is a stigma for those who return to their childhood home after they have left. Previous generations often viewed this as a sign of weakness, poor financial management, or failure to adjust to the responsibilities of adulthood. However, this generation of “Boomerang Kids” seems to be changing how people view … Read more

How to ensure minimal litigation among children upon death

Breadcrumb Trail Links Personal Finance It may be impossible to prevent a dissatisfied beneficiary from suing other beneficiaries Published Feb 16, 2024  •  Last updated 6 hours ago  •  3 minute read No-contest clauses in a will can be either enforced or ignored by courts as contrary to public policy. Photo by Getty Images/iStockphoto Reviews and … Read more

My favourite books for children

An idiosyncratic list, although I am sure it contains few surprises… The good people at Bookshop UK, who provide a website to sell books online which supports local independent bookshops around the country, tell me, “Read It Forward February … will launch Feb 1st. Simply put, any and all children’s book sales during the whole of … Read more

How to strategically cut the financial cord with adult children

Breadcrumb Trail Links Personal Finance Family Finance Ida Khajadourian: Financial support should not come at the expense of a child’s path to financial independence Published Jan 27, 2024  •  Last updated 7 hours ago  •  3 minute read In a survey, 91 per cent of Canadian respondents said they extend financial support to their adult children. … Read more

10 Essential Life Skills Your Adult Children Must Master to Avoid Squandering Their Inheritance

  Inheriting wealth can be a pivotal moment in your adult child’s life. It comes with the responsibility of not only managing but also growing that inheritance for future generations. Here are ten crucial life skills that are imperative for your children to master to prevent them from squandering their inheritance. Understanding these skills will … Read more