Home Sweet Home: 9 Things DINK Couples Should Consider About Buying or Renting a Home in Today’s Market

In the current real estate market, Double Income, No Kids (DINK) couples face unique considerations when deciding whether buying or renting a home is the best option. With unique financial and lifestyle advantages for each choice, these discussions have become more nuanced than ever. Below, we have listed nine critical factors to help you navigate … Read more

How Couples Can Adopt The Same Financial Goals And Win

In 2024, I am transitioning from a spender to a saver mindset. I am returning to frugal habits reminiscent of my lifestyle in the first thirteen years after college. This change is prompted by the need to rebuild liquidity. One area I’m targeting to cut expenses is food. After a three-month experiment involving increased spending … Read more

Building a Joint Emergency Fund: Saving Together for Couples

As a couple, one of the best steps you can take financially is to have a joint emergency fund. This is easier to do as your income increases, but when you’re making less money, setting aside a stash of money is even more critical. My husband and I have always prioritized having money set aside … Read more