Don’t Miss This Hot Token

The Plena App is pioneering a new approach in the DeFi space by merging the security features of self-custodial wallets with the user-friendly experience of centralized platforms. Aiming to redefine financial management in the crypto realm, this project offers a seamless and secure environment for users to manage their assets. Moreover, it caters to a … Read more

Why don’t nations buy and sell territory more?

Egypt has agreed to a $35bn deal with the United Arab Emirates to develop the town of Ras el-Hekma town on its northwestern coast, Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly announced on Friday after weeks of speculations. Madbouly said at a news conference, which was attended by Egyptian and Emirati officials, that Egypt will receive an advance amount of $15bn … Read more

Don’t Let Pride Get In The Way Of Taking Care Of Your Family

I once encountered an actor in Paris who had secured minor roles in significant films, courtesy of his friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite having the opportunity to continue with these smaller roles due to his connections, his pride led him to pursue larger roles. Regrettably, 10 years later, I haven’t seen him in a single … Read more

Aether Games Hot ICO (AEG) Is Still Live. Don’t Miss It

Aether Games’ ICO nearing its goal with $12,860,000 raised, aiming for $4,910,000. Token sale for AEG runs until 29th February, with a price set at $0.032 USD. The Aether Saga introduces a CGI 3D dark fantasy series, integrating NFTs for real ownership. AEG tokens offer multiple utilities within the Aether universe, from crafting to staking. … Read more

10 Financial Advisors’ Tips That Don’t Hold Up in Today’s Economy

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, the wisdom that once guided investors and savers alike may no longer hold the same weight. As we navigate through unprecedented economic conditions marked by rapid technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and unexpected global events, some traditional advice from financial advisors seems increasingly out of touch. Here, we explore ten … Read more

Why I Don’t Think It Was Only Demand Shocks that Drove 2022-23 Inflation

From a lecture prepared for “Macroeconomic Policy” (Spring 2024): Figure 1: Output gap (black, left scale), CBO projected output gap (pink, left scale), and PCE deflator y/y inflation (teal, right scale). NBER defined peak-to-trough recession dates shaded gray. Source: BEA 2023Q4 advance, CBO Budget and Economic Outlook, Feb 2024, NBER, and author’s calculations. The large … Read more

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Today’s the day! Did you see that we’re running a HUGE Last Chance Sale on some of our most well-loved products from over the years? We have been brainstorming behind-the-scenes and working on so many new, helpful products for this year (and beyond!). To make room for these new products, we’re taking most of our … Read more

4 Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Require Direct Deposit in 2024

To qualify for a cash advance, most apps require that you have direct deposit. If you don’t use direct deposit, you may wonder if you’re out of luck. Fortunately, there are cash advance apps that don’t require direct deposit. They are few and far between, but I’ve located the apps to help you get the … Read more

Don’t Get Started On Your Development Project Unless You Have Zoning in Place

In this article In my previous article, we delved into the essential elements of development zoning. We explored key zoning designations such as R or C, critical parameters including setbacks, FAR, and building heights, strategies for enhancing density via affordable housing, the role of neighborhood ordinances, and the distinctions between by-right and discretionary review processes. In … Read more