Going To The Emergency Room Is Like Two Kicks In The Groin

Our first visit to the emergency room unfolded three years ago when our daughter displayed signs of anaphylaxis due to a food allergy. Unsure of what steps to take, we dialed 911, which led to an ambulance arriving promptly to transport us 16 minutes to the nearest hospital. The paramedics administered epinephrine, then the ER … Read more

King Price’s emergency assist: A royal lifesaver

Whether you’re the adventurer type on the hunt for your next exploration or just an average Joe who finds watching series at home adventurous, knowing somebody’s got your back is a big relief. Thanks to the king of insurance, you can live your life (even if it’s from the comfort of your couch) with peace … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Make Money to Quickly Build Your Emergency Fund

A well-padded emergency fund can be a lifesaver. This ensures that you can rely on your savings to handle the unexpected, such as a surprise job loss, unplanned car repairs, or damage to your home. While there is some debate on how large your emergency fund needs to be, most experts – including personal finance … Read more

Building a Joint Emergency Fund: Saving Together for Couples

As a couple, one of the best steps you can take financially is to have a joint emergency fund. This is easier to do as your income increases, but when you’re making less money, setting aside a stash of money is even more critical. My husband and I have always prioritized having money set aside … Read more