Euro fell further today despite positive data amid fears that the Fed’s hawkish path will continue for a long time

January 16, 2024 ( Newswire) Euro fell against the US Dollar (EUR/USD) by 0.63% today and reaches its lowest level in more than a month at 1.08740. Against the British pound, the Euro (EUR/GBP) rose by 0.13% after reaching its highest levels this week at 0.86204 early this morning. The euro’s movements came despite the … Read more

The Fed’s Inflation Goal Is Completely Arbitrary

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY FIVETHIRTYEIGHT / GETTY IMAGES Over the past 18 months, inflation has dominated our understanding of the pandemic economy. Americans have endured the highest yearly price increases in four decades, from soup to nuts — literally. Even now, as experts and forecasters worry that the economy might dip into recession, observers also remain … Read more