Rents finally falling, but not in OC. People are struggling

While rents in Los Angeles and many other parts of the U.S. have dropped or stabilized in recent years, Orange County tenants have seen no such relief, with rents that have either spiked or held firm since the start of the pandemic. The changes reflect a national trend, according to experts. Demand for housing in … Read more

Are U.S. Home-Sale Revenues Finally Bottoming Out? Intel Examines

The steepest part of the home-transaction downturn appears to be over. Is this where business turns around? Intel dives into the data. This report is available exclusively to subscribers of Inman Intel, the data and research arm of Inman, offering deep insights and market intelligence on the business of residential real estate and proptech. Subscribe today. … Read more

The U.S. Finally Started to Crack Down on Crypto in 2023

Yves here. Honestly, it’s a disgrace that this long overdue move to end crypto lawlessness has started to gain some traction. And it wasn’t clear instances of societal harm, like ransomware attacks on government bodies, utilities, and hospitals that got officials out of bed. No, it was all the bad press connected to the extreme, … Read more