Best Fixed Deposit Rates yield 3.55% – Better buy than T-Bills now? How to split cash between T-Bills, Fixed Deposit and Savings Accounts?

A lot of you have asked where to park cash today. How do you know how much cash to put into each of the following options: T-Bills Fixed Deposits Money Market Funds High Yield Savings Accounts And how to best approach the issue? So I figured I would share some thoughts on this, and take … Read more

Fixed deposit rates and T-bill yields are falling

The surprise this week was a sharp decline in the yield on the 1-year Singapore T-bill. The cut-off yield fell to 3.45% in the latest auction from 3.7% in the previous auction. This mirrors what we have seen in the recent 6-month Singapore T-bill auction, where a surge in demand also led to lower yields. Likewise, the best … Read more