12 Clever Tips to Spot Credit Card Skimmers at ATM Machines and Gas Stations

In an era where financial transactions are predominantly digital, credit card skimming has emerged as a significant threat. This deceptive practice involves illegally obtaining credit card information using hidden devices. Understanding how to identify these devices at ATMs and gas stations is essential for safeguarding your financial information. Understanding Credit Card Skimmers Credit card skimmers … Read more

Natural Gas – Where Are the Bulls?

February 9, 2024 (Investorideas.com Newswire) Yesterday, bears pushed the price to the lowest level since Sep. 2020! What’s next? Analyzing the Bear’s Grip This week’s price action showed once again the weakness of the buyers, which resulted in an important technical event. Could this have been predicted? Yes! I invite you to read today’s article, … Read more

Unveiling the Surge in Russian Gas Exports to Europe

In a surprising turn of events, Russian gas exports to Europe have witnessed a substantial surge, marking a noteworthy 3.5% increase in average daily natural gas supplies by Gazprom from December 1-17 compared to the previous month. The average daily pipeline exports climbed to 87.6 million cubic metres, signalling a potential shift in the dynamics … Read more

US Gas Imports Surge Amid Russia Sanctions

The world of gas trading is on the brink of a seismic shift, and the United States is poised to take centre stage. Recent developments, including sanctions on Russia’s gas and strategic infrastructure improvements, are set to catapult US liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports to the European Union (EU) by a staggering 50% or more … Read more

Australian Gas Developer Adds Reserves and Exploration Potential

December 8, 2023 (Investorideas.com Newswire) Recently, ADX Energy Ltd. announced updates on increased reserves, new exploration prospects, and near-term drilling catalysts, noted Stephane Foucaud in an Auctus Advisors research note. ADX Energy Ltd. (ADX:ASX) provided updates on increased reserves, new exploration prospects, and near-term drilling catalysts across its oil and gas assets in Austria and … Read more