5 key generative AI use cases in insurance distribution | Insurance Blog

GenAI has taken the world by storm. You can’t attend an industry conference, participate in an industry meeting, or plan for the future without GenAI entering the discussion. As an industry, we are in near constant discussion about disruption, evolving market factors – often outside of our control (e.g., consumer expectations, impacts of the capital … Read more

Insurance News: Generative AI experience, efficiency and risk | Insurance Blog

Every day we see headlines about generative AI. For the insurance industry, this technology offers acceleration in many areas in which AI-led transformation is already underway. But, like any emerging technology, it also introduces new areas of risk. In this Insurance News Analysis, Abbey Compton and I are joined by Daria Lee Sharman for a … Read more

Generative AI reveals 6 insurance industry innovation trends | Insurance Blog

We are delighted once again to see the spirit of innovation on display in the Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards. This year, through the power of Generative AI, we also uncovered six key trends shaping the future of the insurance industry. Since their inception in 2016, the Awards program has served as a catalyst for … Read more

Insurance News: The generative AI opportunity and importance of responsible implementation | Insurance Blog

As with any new technology, as well as the opportunities it opens up, there are concerns about unintended consequences of generative AI and the need for responsible implementation. We were delighted to be in the hotspot usually claimed by Kenneth Saldanha in this episode of Insurance News Analysis to discuss this important topic and were … Read more