As challenges loom, L.A. City Council approves $150 million in ‘mansion tax’ spending

The Los Angeles City Council passed a $150-million spending plan for funds raised by Measure ULA on Tuesday, marking the first time funds will be specifically allocated since Angelenos passed the tax in November. The expenditure plan will be directed to six programs: short-term emergency rental assistance, eviction defense, tenant outreach and education, direct cash … Read more

L.A. Airbnb hosts are charging higher rates and raking in big payouts amid city crackdown

Running an Airbnb in L.A. has never been more profitable. As the city tries to crack down on illegal listings, and advocacy groups complain about the company’s effect on L.A.’s housing crisis, hosts are charging higher rates than ever while raking in bigger and bigger payouts. But don’t expect them to talk about it. Data … Read more

Opinion: How renting in L.A. could go from bad to worse

Renting in Los Angeles is about to become more difficult for many people. The last of Los Angeles’ pandemic-era renter protections expired Feb. 1. For the first time since April 2020, owners of rent-stabilized apartments — 70% of rental units in the city — are allowed to increase rents. And the last chunk of any … Read more

Spanish bungalow gets an ADU fit for its L.A. roots

Like many tech workers, Jing Guo and Gabriel Taylor Russ left Chicago during the COVID-19 pandemic in search of warmer weather. “We were working remotely,” Guo says of their move to the Bay Area. “We thought, ‘At least we can be outside.’” However, a few months after settling in, the couple realized how difficult it … Read more

L.A. kills plans for Bulgari hotel in Benedict Canyon

Los Angeles city officials on Wednesday halted a developer’s efforts to build a luxury resort on a Benedict Canyon mountainside. City Planning Director Vincent Bertoni notified developer Gary Safady that the city was revoking its approval for Safady to pursue a 58-room hotel. The decision marks a dramatic end to Safady’s quest to build Bulgari … Read more

Over 40,000 eviction notices have gone out in L.A. this year

At Promenade Towers, a Bunker Hill apartment complex with 611 units that bills itself as “an urban oasis in the heart of downtown,” tenants received 371 eviction notices from late January through July. At 1600 Vine, a Hollywood building with 375 units that’s been known for attracting social media influencers who have posted from its … Read more

Opinion: Airbnb drives up L.A. housing prices. Here’s how we can push back

Airbnb is back in the headlines in Los Angeles: Thousands of short-term rental hosts are breaking the law, and the city isn’t taking the problem seriously enough. If this sounds like a familiar story, it is. In 2019, shortly after the city had announced it was beginning to enforce its short-term rental rules, I found … Read more

Opinion: In L.A., real estate envy is all too real. I can’t stop looking at Zillow

I was leaving a friend’s housewarming party on a street of nice single-family homes in Los Angeles a few years back when my curiosity got the best of me. I pulled up Zillow on my phone, entered her address and blinked at the property’s purchase price. I suppose I could have just asked her. In … Read more

Opinion: Why is housing unaffordable in L.A.? Here’s the sorry history

The high cost of housing is driving Southern California’s biggest challenges. Income is not keeping pace with housing costs. It hasn’t for at least two generations, and the problem of unaffordable shelter shows few signs of letting up. There’s a metric called “housing burden” that lays the situation bare. Over the last 50 years, it … Read more

Take cash to leave a rent-controlled apartment? People do in L.A.

In 2022, not long after a new owner bought the Highland Park rental home where Ana Lopez, 66, lives with her husband, the tenants began receiving offers to leave. At first it was about $22,000, she said. One of her neighbors took the offer and left. But Lopez, desperate to stay in the rent-controlled home … Read more