Policy Lessons from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Not long ago, I heard a Tory grandee giving a speech in support of a political rookie. As the occasion demanded, he offered some advice. Life in politics would be hard, he warned, but success was possible: just look at Screaming Lord Sutch and the Official Monster Raving Loony party. You might think that the … Read more

Lessons of “Number Go Up”

  Tyler Cowen and his colleague Alex Tabarrok write some interesting posts over at Marginal Revolution. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I disagree with them. Then there are the times when they utterly perplex me — like this post on Zeke Faux’s book: “One doesn’t get a favorable impression of crypto from Number Go Up but … Read more

Anna K Intown: Lessons From an Unconventional Real Estate Journey

Atlanta-based real estate maven Anna Kilinski may hail from a real estate legacy, but her entry into the industry was unexpected, spurred by a fascination with the investment and renovation process. Born out of resourcefulness and driven by a passion for maximizing her life, Anna’s story offers valuable lessons for those navigating the dynamic world … Read more