Links 2/18/2024 | naked capitalism

Are You Kinda Healthy and Over 30? Apply to Join NASA’s Simulated Mars Mission Gizmodo Plane Passengers Horrified as Maggots Rain Down From Luggage Compartment Futurism Lawmaker raises new flap over U.S.-funded virology research that critics call risky Science Breathing Space New Left Review. On anti-utopian architecture. Climate/Environment How the US government began its decade-long … Read more

Wednesday assorted links

1. Profile of Samotsvety forecasting team. 2. Cornered markets in everything: “An auction of the tattooed skin of an Austrian performance artist has been cancelled after all 12 pieces were bought by a collector for “a seven-figure sum” ahead of the event.” 3. Some dating bounties are now at 100k (NYT).  “He is polyamorous now, … Read more

Links 2/12/2024 | naked capitalism

Zoozve — the strange ‘moon’ of Venus that earned its name by accident America now has a high-pressure economy FT Legal Theory Lexicon: Interpretation and Construction Legal Theory Blog Climate NOAA Coral Reef Watch extends alert scale following extreme coral heat stress in 2023 NOAA. We’re gonna need a bigger scale. Climate change is … Read more

Links 2/10/2024 | naked capitalism

This is out-of-this-world beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. Every year at the CCTV gala – the most watched show on earth – they have ONE dance which truly sets the bar. This year this is the one. To me this is worth a million Taylor Swift or any other of the hypersexualized… — Arnaud Bertrand (@RnaudBertrand) … Read more

Links 2/4/2024 | naked capitalism

Learning to live with musk oxen High Country News Diaper Spa in NH catering to adults with trauma, raises eyebrows, concerns WHDH America Hasn’t Seen Syphilis Numbers This High Since 1950 MedPage Today Differential peripheral immune signatures elicited by vegan versus ketogenic diets in humans Nature Why did NIH abruptly halt research on the harms … Read more

Friday assorted links

1. “Europe regulates its way to last place” (WSJ). 2. “Throughout the twentieth century…graduate-educated women married poorer spouses than college-educated women.”  With smaller family sizes, this no longer seems to be true. 3. “The Poem/1 clock dreams up a new poem every minute to tell you the time.” 4. Vanity Fair on Apple Vision Pro. … Read more

Sunday assorted links

1. Glenn wants to ask it “why should I listen to my parents?” 2. What Soderbergh saw and read in 2023. 3. Hermit crabs are wearing our plastic. 4. The Giving Pledge. 5. Cowen’s Second Law: “Extreme metal guitar skills linked to intrasexual competition, but not mating success.” 6. Why strip malls are having a … Read more