The 10 Best Animals for Apartment and Tiny House Living

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Ready made homes could be template for modern family living

Is this the template for the modern family home? A smart set of three-bedroom properties in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs could be the ideal template for the new-age family home. With housing affordability continuing to be a major concern and the Minns State Government looking at rapid building programs aimed at getting as many apartments onto … Read more

Living in a converted chapel: everything you need to know

Converting a disused chapel into your dream home is a unique and rewarding endeavour that requires careful planning, creativity, and a skilled team of professionals.  This ambitious project involves multiple stages, including hiring an architect, selecting tradesmen, fitting utilities, and transforming the space into functional bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas. In this comprehensive guide, … Read more

Boomerang Kids: 8 Factors Fueling the Trend of Adult Children Living With Baby Boomer Parents

For many young adults, there is a stigma for those who return to their childhood home after they have left. Previous generations often viewed this as a sign of weakness, poor financial management, or failure to adjust to the responsibilities of adulthood. However, this generation of “Boomerang Kids” seems to be changing how people view … Read more

Embrace Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck To One Day Be Free

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is an unpleasant financial experience. Not only does it mean needing to spend everything you have to make ends meet, it may also create an ongoing feeling of despair. You might even have to get into debt to pay your bills. And if you aren’t careful with debt usage, it may become a … Read more

Inside Affluent Living: Wealthy Families’ Elderly Care Secrets

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High housing costs have kept 31% of Gen Z adults living at home

These days, housing affordability is a struggle for nearly everyone. But for young adults just starting out, soaring home prices and sky-high rents have become one of the greatest obstacles to making it on their own. Nearly one-third, or 31%, of Generation Z adults live at home with parents because they can’t afford to buy or … Read more

11 Questions for Minimalistic Living

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Santa Cruz’s plans for high-rise living meet opposition

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. —  You can sense it in the ubiquitous “Help Wanted” posters in artsy shops and restaurants, in the ranks of university students living out of their cars and in the outsize percentage of locals camping on the streets. This seaside county known for its windswept beauty and easy living is in the midst … Read more