Should We Care if Legacy Media Dies?

Does hydra-headed social media mean the end of legacy media outlets like the New York Times and local newspapers? I recall a letter to the Birmingham News fretting that blogging “nuts” rather than professional journalists might someday influence policy. Should we care that much if newspapers and other legacy media outlets die? I don’t think … Read more

New data on media bias

In this study, we propose a novel approach to detect supply-side media bias, independent of external factors like ownership or editors’ ideological leanings. Analyzing over 100,000 articles from The New York Times (NYT) and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), complemented by data from 22 million tweets, we assess the factors influencing article duration on their … Read more

NorthStar Gaming Holdings: Spearheading the Intersection of iGaming and Media

Proceeds from the Offering will be utilized to fund NorthStar’s expansion across Canada and for general working capital purposes. “This injection of capital will strengthen our balance sheet and fund our continued growth,” said Michael Moskowitz, Chair and CEO of NorthStar. “In particular, the Canada-wide re-branding of into is expected to supplement the … Read more