Balancing work and parenting: Tips for the modern parent

Struggling to strike a balance between your professional life and parenting duties? You’re not alone. The modern parent often finds themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, leading to stress and guilt. This blog post aims to offer practical tips to help you achieve that elusive work-life balance. Time management is key Planning is your best friend when … Read more

Ready made homes could be template for modern family living

Is this the template for the modern family home? A smart set of three-bedroom properties in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs could be the ideal template for the new-age family home. With housing affordability continuing to be a major concern and the Minns State Government looking at rapid building programs aimed at getting as many apartments onto … Read more

A Modern Push Towards the 15-Minute City – Cornell Real Estate Review

In 1923, the Chicago City Club sponsored a competition to address “the theoretical and practical parameters, social and physical, of a micro-community in a suburban context with a focus on housing.”1  William E. Drummond, a student in the Frank Lloyd Wright studio, offered the concept of the “Neighborhood Unit.” This innovative urban design suggested that … Read more