Who Cares About the Number of Doors You Have—Cash Flow Is What Actually Matters

In this article When you’re talking to real estate investors, they’ll often tell you how many doors they own, meaning how many rental units they have in their portfolio. Stating door numbers, however, can often be misleading. Generally, the real metric to keep track of is cash flow because, after all, profitability is what counts in any … Read more

Why Is 2 Percent The Federal Reserve’s Magic Number For Inflation?

Transcript Santul Nerkar: Inflation in America is high. You’ve probably noticed when you’ve gone to the grocery store or gas station. But ordinary Americans aren’t the only ones unhappy with our current 6 percent inflation rate. The Federal Reserve isn’t thrilled, either. The number that the Fed would like to see — its target inflation … Read more

Lessons of “Number Go Up”

  Tyler Cowen and his colleague Alex Tabarrok write some interesting posts over at Marginal Revolution. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I disagree with them. Then there are the times when they utterly perplex me — like this post on Zeke Faux’s book: “One doesn’t get a favorable impression of crypto from Number Go Up but … Read more

Your Car Is the Number One Thing Preventing You From Making Your First Deal

In this article You’ve been listening to all the BiggerPockets podcasts, reading the blogs, interacting on the forums, and going to all the meetups. Every day, you’re analyzing deals from the MLS and from wholesalers that you’ve met. You’re networking, learning, and doing all the right things, but it’s just not coming together.  You need to make … Read more