2 Solutions to Fix the Most Recent Yahoo Stock Price Break in My FREE Google Stock Portfolio Tracker

The comments and my messages were flooded with questions regarding why the prices in my Stock Portfolio Tracker is not updating accordingly. I created a Free Google Sheet that helps you track your portfolio based on transactions. You can find out more information in this comprehensive article here. Free Online Investment Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet. … Read more

A Very Simple Way to Track Your Portfolio XIRR Investment Performance with My FREE Google Sheet.

Some don’t measure their investment performance because they don’t dare to face up to reality. Some don’t measure their investment performance because they are lazy. Some don’t measure their investment performance because they don’t know how to do it. It is not so challenging, and I can sustainably do that. If you wish to track … Read more

Every Strategy I Used To Build My Portfolio for Financial Independence

In this article You may not be familiar with modern portfolio theory, but you probably know its core tenet: Investors should diversify among uncorrelated assets to maximize returns while minimizing risk.  Soren Godbersen at EquityMultiple makes a strong case that if you subscribe to modern portfolio theory, private equity real estate belongs in your portfolio. In … Read more

Gratitude, My Portfolio, and My Qualification to Advice on F.I.

A couple of days ago, Fifth Person dropped my interview about F.I or F.I.R.E on YouTube: It’s mad that there were only ten working days between the interview and the video drop. And this is coming from someone working in a company trying to drop videos as well. Honestly, I didn’t get good vibes about … Read more