The Two Most Important Prices in the Argentine Economy

One of the wonders of human society is how the individuals of our species found a way to coordinate our actions to collaborate without anyone being in command. Sure, there are governments, but they earn their legitimacy to the extent that they protect individuals’ lives, limbs, and possessions from violence and fraud- not from telling … Read more

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The Case for High Drug Prices

  Almost all new drugs are developed for the U.S. market, no matter where the company’s headquarters are. Why? America is a large, rich country with an advanced medical system. America’s gross domestic product per capita is 65% higher than Britain’s, 57% higher than Germany’s and 87% higher than France’s. There are four Americans for … Read more

Where Home Prices Grew the Most (and the Least) in 2023

In this article As everyone knows by now, rising interest rates and low supply have been the most significant factors shaping the real estate market since 2022.  The Federal Reserve began raising key interest rates in March 2022 in response to skyrocketing inflation. Following the pandemic-era sharp rises in the cost of materials and products … Read more

How RealPage influences rent prices across the U.S.

ShareShare Article via FacebookShare Article via TwitterShare Article via LinkedInShare Article via Email RealPage software is used to set rental prices on 4.5 million housing units in the U.S. A series of lawsuits allege that a group of landlords are sharing sensitive data with RealPage, which then artificially inflates rents. The complaints surface as housing … Read more

Home prices stall across the country, apart from one affordable capital city

Property prices have had a lacklustre start to 2024 with most capital cities either slowing or going backwards. But one of Australia’s most affordable capital cities has powered ahead, with values reaching a new record high in January. The latest PropTrack Home Price Index showed the national median home value edged up just 0.02% last … Read more

Opinion: Airbnb drives up L.A. housing prices. Here’s how we can push back

Airbnb is back in the headlines in Los Angeles: Thousands of short-term rental hosts are breaking the law, and the city isn’t taking the problem seriously enough. If this sounds like a familiar story, it is. In 2019, shortly after the city had announced it was beginning to enforce its short-term rental rules, I found … Read more

Will California home and rent prices drop in 2024?

Southern California home prices dipped from November to December, the second consecutive monthly decline after a period of rising values. The average home price in the six-county region clocked in at $825,621 in December, down 0.3% from the prior month, according to data from Zillow. All counties saw home prices drop except Riverside and San … Read more