Scammers Are Using AI Deepfakes to Steal Millions of Dollars, Including Real Estate—Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself From Fraud

[ad_1] In this article Security experts are sounding the alarm about the potential implications of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated deepfakes, which are artificial audio or video files that have been manipulated to portray someone’s likeness, in real estate fraud.  Earlier this year, authorities in Hong Kong reported that a group of scammers used deepfake technology to steal more … Read more

20 Common Job Search Scams and How to Protect Yourself

[ad_1] / Here at FlexJobs, we loathe job search scams and are truly interested in helping job seekers identify and steer clear of “too good to be true” job opportunities. FlexJobs started in 2007 to fight back against the frustrating — and often harmful — fraudulent scams in the work-at-home job market. That’s … Read more