Public versus Private Pensions in Colombia

In Colombia, the pension system is regulated by Law 100 from 1993. This law divides the pension system into two main regimes: the average premium regime, which is public and managed by Colpensiones. The Colombian pension administrator is a state-owned industrial and commercial company, organized as a special financial entity, associated with the Ministerio del … Read more

70 Public Housing Employees Charged With Bribery In New York

The charges amount to the largest number of federal bribery charges ever filed on a single day, according to the Department of Justice. Mark your calendars for the ultimate real estate experiences with Inman’s upcoming events! Dive into the future at Connect Miami, immerse in luxury at Luxury Connect, and converge with industry leaders at … Read more

Cautionary Tales – Martin Luther King Jr, the Jewelry Genius, and the art of public speaking (CLASSIC)

One speechmaker inspired millions with his words, the other utterly destroyed his own multi-million-dollar business with just a few phrases. Civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr (played by Jeffrey Wright of Westworld, The Hunger Games, and the James Bond films) and jewelry store owner Gerald Ratner offer starkly contrasting stories on when you should stick to the script and when … Read more

What the data shows about the UK’s public services doom loop

Everyone in the UK will have their own stories of crumbling public services, but indulge me for a moment while I share mine. A couple of years ago, I applied for power of attorney on behalf of my ageing father, in case it became necessary. The Office of the Public Guardian bungled the paperwork; months … Read more