Question of the Day: What percent of consumers read online reviews before buying a product?

How many people do you think rely on the experience of others before making a purchase online? Answer: 98% Questions: Why do you think that so many people want to look at reviews before making a purchase?  Do you check online reviews prior to purchasing products? How do you know if reviews are credible?  Do … Read more

Question: What percentage of Gen Zers shop online on a daily or weekly basis?

Digital window shopping or in-store strolls? It is a close race between screens and aisles for Gen Z’s shopping habits.   Answer: 37% Questions: Do you prefer in-store or online shopping? Why? How does Gen Z compare to other generations’ shopping habits? Why do you think there are differences among generations? How can shopping online … Read more

What is the Safe Withdrawal Rate for CPF LIFE, Income from Rental Property and Dividend Stocks? – Reader Question

It is Da Nian Chu Er of our Lunar Chinese New Year. Here is wishing all the good health and good wealth. I hope all our portfolios don’t go to zero. I want to take things slower this Chinese new year and since I receive a question from an earnest member of my Singapore Financial … Read more

Question of the Day: How many Americans receive a tax refund and what is the average dollar amount?

Audit I’m saying is it can be accrual world out there. A refund can help you return to normal.  Answer:  About ⅔ of Americans receive a refund Average amount: $3,167   Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Questions: How might receiving a tax refund impact consumer spending and saving behavior? Compare the advantages and disadvantages … Read more

Question: What % of U.S. workers participate in the gig economy?

A full-time job with one employer has been considered the norm for decades, but the number of people identifying as independent workers continues to increase.   Answer: 36% Questions: What are examples of jobs that are gig, freelance, or temporary work?  Would you ever consider gig, freelance, or temporary work? Describe the type of role … Read more

Question: What is the top ranked clothing brand for Gen Z?

Dressed to impress, Gen Z’s leading choice is more than just a ‘check’ on their list! Answer: Nike Questions: Why do you think that Nike and the other top brands are so popular for Gen Z? What factors in a clothing brand do you consider when shopping? Why? Does your budget ever impact which brands you … Read more

Question: What are the 5 industries with the largest employment?

Curious about which industry tops the employment charts? Teachers, you might be surprised!   Answer: Questions: Do any of the industries on this list surprise you? Why or why not? Do you think any other industries will join the top 5 in employment in the next 5 or 10 years? Why? How does technology impact … Read more

Question of the Day: What percent of employers use LinkedIn when evaluating a candidate for a job?

Get LinkedIn, or get left out. How many employers are looking for this social media profile to see if you’re the one? Answer: 87% Questions: What kind of information do you feel is important to include in a LinkedIn profile? How does the role of LinkedIn in job searching compare to other social media platforms? … Read more

Question of the Day: What percent of college graduates earn associate degrees?

Millions of college degrees are earned every year. What percent of those are associate degrees? Answer: 24.9%   Questions: What pros and cons of pursuing an associate degree do you already know of? Why types of careers are typically accessible with an associate degree? How do you think cost factors into a person’s decision on … Read more

Question of the Day: What channels do most Americans plan to use to do their holiday shopping?

Deck the halls of local malls? Or tis the season to log in? Answer: Online (58%) Department store (49%) Discount store (48%) Grocery store (44%) Clothing store (32%) Questions: Why do you think online shopping has a higher percentage compared to the other channels? Discuss the potential economic benefits and drawbacks of shopping at large … Read more