Lithium – Marginal REVOLUTION

WEF 2002: The world could face lithium shortages by 2025, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says, while Credit Suisse thinks demand could treble between 2020 and 2025, meaning “supply would be stretched”. Reuters 2023:  Lithium producers are growing anxious that delays in mine permitting, staffing shortages and inflation may hinder their ability to supply enough … Read more

Literacy or Loyalty? – Marginal REVOLUTION

Why does schooling in much of the developing world not result in much in the way of increased skills? Maybe because education bureaucrats in these counties want obedient citizens more than literate, numerate, informed citizens. In a discrete choice experiment in which bureaucrats in education were asked to make trade-offs between foundational literacy, completion of secondary … Read more

Promising Altcoins for 2024: The Digital Currency Revolution

Greetings to all crypto enthusiasts! We are delighted to embark on a journey to explore the most promising altcoins 2024 .  The realm of alternative digital currencies is currently abuzz with unprecedented enthusiasm. Therefore, our mission is to delve into the world of altcoin investments, uncovering the mysteries behind successful diversification in the realm of … Read more

2023 CWT retrospective episode – Marginal REVOLUTION

Here is the link, here is the episode summary: On this special year-in-review episode, Tyler and producer Jeff Holmes look back on the past year in the show and more, including the most popular and underrated episodes, the origins of the show as an occasional event series, the most difficult guests to prep for, the … Read more

Claims about Japanese immigration – Marginal REVOLUTION

Japan will become an immigration powerhouse. Before the pandemic, the country was on track to accept about 150,000 new non-Japanese employees per year. This more than doubled to almost 350,000 in the first half of 2023. There are now approximately 3.2 million non-Japanese residents of Japan, up from barely half a million 30 years ago. … Read more

Why France is underrated – Marginal REVOLUTION

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is one bit: Since the West European economic boom ended in the 1970s, the French civil service has been at best a mixed blessing. French administrators have gotten a lot done, reflecting their impeccable education and internal culture. But they have also helped to make … Read more