Under What Administrations Does the Debt-to-GDP Start Rising?

Pretty clear to me: Figure 1: Federal debt held by public divided by GDP, %. NBER defined peak-to-trough recession dates shaded gray. Source: Treasury, GDP via FRED, NBER, author’s calculations. There’s a party that’s loved debt over the past 40 odd years, despite protestations. Note also debt/GDP started rising precipitously in 2008Q3 (under G.W. Bush). … Read more

Singtel’s dividends are rising again. Could they grow further?

What happened? Recently, we shared about Singapore blue chip stocks paying out consistent dividends.  Some investors then asked what were the prospects like for Singtel. After all, Singtel was known to be name that paid out consistent dividends in the past.  This was until the Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted its profitability and dividend payout.  More … Read more

How to reduce mortgage as millions struggle with rising rates

A shocking 1.1 million Australian households are struggling to pay their home loan, new research has revealed. The study from comparison site Finder found more than one in three mortgage holders were finding it tough to keep up with their loan in January, as higher rates continue to put pressure on household budgets. With the … Read more