Oil price expectations amid risk sentiments and supply increase

February 23, 2024 (Investorideas.com Newswire) Crude oil (WTI) is trading at $77.16 per barrel, while Brent crude is trading at $81.81 per barrel during today’s Friday trading. Oil prices have dropped by approximately 1% after Iraq announced the reopening of a refinery that had been closed for ten years. This comes amid expectations that OPEC+ … Read more

Insurance News: Cloud connectivity in an evolving risk landscape | Insurance Blog

With all the connectivity that cloud enables, and complex dynamics at play in determining who has the responsibility to process and protect PII, insurers need to work with their ecosystem partners to protect the data of their customers and employees. In this Insurance News Analysis, we were delighted to welcome Aaron Davidson, Global Head of … Read more

Over 18 million rental units at risk from environmental hazards: Study

D3sign | Stone | Getty Images Extreme weather and climate hazards are becoming more frequent, posing a threat not only for homeowners but for renters. More than 18 million rental units across the U.S. are exposed to climate- and weather-related hazards, according to the latest American Rental Housing Report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for … Read more

A new way to use the old retirement laddering strategy to manage risk

Breadcrumb Trail Links Retirement Personal Finance Investor Martin Pelletier: GIC strategy not that appealing for majority of income-seeking investors Published Jan 29, 2024  •  Last updated 5 minutes ago  •  4 minute read Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images files Article content In the good … Read more

Low Risk Real Estate Investing (6 Strategies for 2024)

In this article As a real estate investor, you must always remember one thing: every type of investing strategy involves risk. With that in mind, it’s good practice to learn more about low-risk real estate investing strategies. You may come to find that these provide the perfect balance of risk and profit potential.  Below, we … Read more

Marsh McLennan leader on a “new era of risk”

Marsh McLennan leader on a “new era of risk” | Insurance Business America Risk Management News Marsh McLennan leader on a “new era of risk” “If you pull one strand, everything starts moving around” Risk Management News By Mia Wallace For 19 years, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report – which is produced in … Read more

Insurance News: Generative AI experience, efficiency and risk | Insurance Blog

Every day we see headlines about generative AI. For the insurance industry, this technology offers acceleration in many areas in which AI-led transformation is already underway. But, like any emerging technology, it also introduces new areas of risk. In this Insurance News Analysis, Abbey Compton and I are joined by Daria Lee Sharman for a … Read more

Builder’s Risk: Controlling Potential Risk

This post is part of a series sponsored by IAT Insurance Group. Property insurance offers protection for a building once it’s operational. A builder’s risk policy insures against physical loss or damage to a building during construction. A builder’s risk policy covers both hard and soft losses for contractors. Hard costs include the physical property … Read more