What is Santa Clarita, CA Known For? Get to Know this City

Welcome to Santa Clarita, CA, a picturesque city known for its scenic landscapes, friendly environment, and a vibrant sense of community. From the sprawling parks and hiking trails of Central Park to the charming streets of Old Town Newhall, Santa Clarita offers residents a unique blend of opportunities and experiences. Whether you’re searching for a … Read more

Rejoice that Santa Claus gives prime delivery to everyone

Stay informed with free updates Simply sign up to the Retail & Consumer industry myFT Digest — delivered directly to your inbox. Father Christmas can do astonishing things: make presents to order for every child, fly in a reindeer-drawn sled and remain constantly jolly. But one of his greatest skills is being able to deliver … Read more

Santa Cruz’s plans for high-rise living meet opposition

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. —  You can sense it in the ubiquitous “Help Wanted” posters in artsy shops and restaurants, in the ranks of university students living out of their cars and in the outsize percentage of locals camping on the streets. This seaside county known for its windswept beauty and easy living is in the midst … Read more