Why So Many Shareholders of US Firms are Untaxed

[ad_1] Over the last half-century or so, the share of corporate stock that is owned by investors with taxable mutual funds or brokerage accounts has fallen dramatically. Steven M. Rosenthal and Livia Mucciolo tell the story in “Who’s Left to Tax? Grappling With a Dwindling Shareholder Tax Base” (Tax Notes, April 1, 2024). Here’s their … Read more

Companies That Give Shareholders Perks And Rewards

[ad_1] Some companies treat their shareholders like actual owners, offering discounts and rewards on common products and services.  A shareholder is someone who holds one or more shares of a public or private corporation. Most shareholder perks involve sharing dividends, which can be a good indicator of a company’s financial well-being. In recent decades, dividend investing … Read more