Viewpoint: Arena debate shows region needs new approach to economic development

We are witnessing a rapidly shifting landscape from Baltimore to Richmond with 10 million residents across increasingly diverse communities, cultures, businesses, and educational institutions. The traditional approaches to economic growth are no longer sufficient. Three months ago, I highlighted the importance of regionalism and the role that it must play for Greater Washington to achieve … Read more

“the employment cost index: wages and salaries shows a decline since 4Q19”

I do not understand how one can write this sentence in 2023, and still be living on this planet. I retrieved data from FRED (ECIWAG), version posted on October 16, 2023. I plot: Figure 1: Employment cost index: wages and salaries: Private Industry Workers (ECIWAG), Dec. 2005=100 (blue), and ECI deflated by chained CPI (adjusted … Read more

What the data shows about the UK’s public services doom loop

Everyone in the UK will have their own stories of crumbling public services, but indulge me for a moment while I share mine. A couple of years ago, I applied for power of attorney on behalf of my ageing father, in case it became necessary. The Office of the Public Guardian bungled the paperwork; months … Read more

A slim, two-story ADU shows off vertical construction

Walk past the street-facing 1990s duplex and beyond a 1920s Sears Roebuck kit bungalow, and an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, rises before you at the end of the property. It’s a slim, two-story rental clad in inexpensive white vertical corrugated metal. Only then do you realize this single Venice lot has four rental units. … Read more

The simple maths puzzle that shows us how to separate fact from fiction

For certain kinds of questions, there are answers that are simple, elegant and wrong. Take the most famous example of the genre, the “bat and ball” question: if a bat and a ball together cost $1.10, and the bat costs a dollar more than the ball, how much does the ball cost? This is known … Read more