Some Reactions to the Employment Situation Release for January

Here’s FoxBusiness’s web coverage of the employment release (around 4pm CT): No mention of the jobs report. One of the articles I find in a search has a title displaying cognitive dissonance, “U.S. heads toward slow recovery with 353,000 jobs added in January: The economy is growing fast, but Fed still waiting on rate cuts”. … Read more

The Wisconsin Economic Situation | Econbrowser

WMC has a survey of 180 member firms  out indicating only 22% of respondents believed that the Wisconsin economy is strong. Source: WMC.   This is a strange finding in light of today’s December employment release, which showed continued employment growth. Figure 1: Wisconsin Nonfarm Payroll Employment (black, left scale), and Philadelphia Fed early benchmark … Read more

House Rich Cash Poor Is A Terrible But Fixable Situation

House rich, cash poor is when you have a lot of equity in your house but not a lot of cash. For whatever reason, a homeowner has untapped equity in their property but is unwilling or unable to withdraw it. Due to excessive spending habits or financial responsibilities, the homeowner feels poor. After paying for my … Read more