What Happened to The Social Security Spousal Benefits Loophole?

Making the most of Social Security is a common goal, as it can mean a more comfortable retirement. For couples, the spousal benefits loophole was a popular way to maximize Social Security. However, it’s not a path that’s currently available. If you’re wondering what the loophole was or what happened to it, here’s what you … Read more

How Is Social Security’s Mistake My Fault?

Inside Creative House / Shutterstock.com Editor's Note: This story comes from Wealthramp. If you haven’t already heard, Social Security is in the process of “clawing back” more than $21 billion of benefits it mistakenly sent out to retirees and disabled people over the last 40 years because of its own inaccurate calculations. For those who … Read more

Social Security Increases This Month — Here’s What You Should Know

Lane V. Erickson / Shutterstock.com The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment for 2023 was the largest in decades. But how will this year’s COLA stack up? How big is the 2024 Social Security increase in light of inflation, really, and what will it affect? More importantly, when can you get it? Keep reading for all those … Read more

Caring about the Distant Future and Past: Social Discount Rates

When thinking about converting values from the distant past or the distant future to the present, the actual values themselves are often considerably less important than what is called the “discount rate”–that is, the annual percentage rate at which you do the conversion from past or future to the present. An example of converting future … Read more

The social life of measurement

How could I resist a book called Beyond Measure: The Hidden History of Measurement. By James Vincent, it’s a pacily-written whistle stop tour of – well, the history of measurement. It runs from the beginnings of standardised measurement in the ancient world through mediaeval markets, the scientific revolution, the French Revolution, land surveying, the development … Read more