As challenges loom, L.A. City Council approves $150 million in ‘mansion tax’ spending

The Los Angeles City Council passed a $150-million spending plan for funds raised by Measure ULA on Tuesday, marking the first time funds will be specifically allocated since Angelenos passed the tax in November. The expenditure plan will be directed to six programs: short-term emergency rental assistance, eviction defense, tenant outreach and education, direct cash … Read more

My Annual Spending for 2023: $29,554. Reflections on Spending Consciousness

At the start of the year, I would usually report how much I spent in the past year. In this post, I will share my spending in 2023. I learned from somewhere that we would usually allocate our income with this framing: Spending for today – These are our current expenses. Spending in the past – These … Read more

Rishi Sunak to pledge tax cuts by curbing welfare spending

Stay informed with free updates Simply sign up to the World myFT Digest — delivered directly to your inbox. This article is an on-site version of our FirstFT newsletter. Sign up to our Asia, Europe/Africa or Americas edition to get it sent straight to your inbox every weekday morning Good morning. Rishi Sunak will set … Read more

Profligate spending and kicking the can down the road leads to Debt Jubilee

January 5, 2024 ( Newswire) Lower interest rates and massive asset purchases by central banks are the monetary tools of choice when it comes to restoring shocked financial systems. The idea being that making the cost of borrowing cheap for individuals and businesses will entice them to spend, spend, spend. Quantitative easing is a technique … Read more

High US Health Care Spending: Higher Prices or Higher Quantities?

The US spends a much higher share of its GDP on health care than other advanced economies. But is that higher spending due to higher prices for delivery of health care services or to a greater quantity of health care being provided? This “prices or quantities” question has been around for awhile, but the OECD … Read more

Who Americans Usually Blame After Showdowns Over Federal Spending

SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images Playing chicken with the national economy is not unusual for Congress and the president. There was the time that former President Donald Trump ground the government to a halt because he wanted money for his border wall. Oh, and the time that tea party Republicans threatened to send … Read more

Retirement Spending Can Vary from 25% to 100%. Not your usual 2% to 3% a Year.

Unit Trust house T Rowe Price has an interesting research out on retiree spending. This may be something that those of you who are on the F.I. path will be interested in. You might always wonder: How much volatility would there be in your spending in retirement the answer I feel is a function of … Read more