An Analysis of the Proposed 2550 Irving Street Project – Cornell Real Estate Review

In February 2021, San Francisco officials unveiled plans to build a 100% affordable housing project in the Sunset District of San Francisco.  The Sunset District is located on the west side of San Francisco, an area that has seen little new construction of affordable housing developments over the past decade.  The Sunset District is designated … Read more

2024 Wall Street Forecasts For The S&P 500: Net Positive Outlook

After a bull market in 2023, let’s look at the 2024 Wall Street forecasts for the S&P 500. Overall, the 2024 S&P 500 targets range from 4,200 to 5,500, implying returns between -8.1% and +20.3% from 4,559. Obviously, anything can happen between now and the new year. In addition, plenty of economic data and corporate … Read more