Just Two-Thirds Of Student Loan Borrowers Have Made Payments

69% of student loan borrowers surveyed have resumed making their loan payments Only about half of borrowers feel they can afford their new monthly payment Most borrowers had no issues with their loans while restarting payments Only 69% of student loan borrowers have resumed making payments on their student loans, according to a new College … Read more

Should You Refinance Your Student Loans?

Most people should not refinance their student loans. However, for some niche situations, it can make sense to refinance your student loans. There are various potential benefits and drawbacks to student loan refinancing. So when you’re trying to decide if you should refinance your own student loans, there are multiple factors to consider. The decision … Read more

Possible Major Student Loan Forgiveness Loophole In SAVE Plan

A newly discovered student loan forgiveness loophole may allow more borrowers to qualify for immediate student loan forgiveness, not just those with an original principal loan balance of $12,000 or less. The U.S. Department of Education has announced early implementation of the accelerated forgiveness for borrowers with low initial loan balances in the SAVE repayment plan.  … Read more

Which Debts Should You Pay Off First — Credit Cards or Student Loans?

Home » Student Loan Refinance » Which Debts Should You Pay Off First — Credit Cards or Student Loans? Having more than one type of debt is common, and that’s especially true once you graduate from college and start your first “real job.” You may have credit card debt, an auto loan, and a mortgage … Read more

Tell Us What the Resumption of Student Loan Payments Means For You

Student loan payments are scheduled to begin again this October after a pause of more than three years. Because of a Supreme Court decision last month, these payments will resume without a forgiveness plan from the Biden administration that would have wiped out up to $20,000 from some borrowers’ balances.  We want to know more … Read more