Ottawa EV subsidies show tax-free fairy tales do come true for some

Breadcrumb Trail Links Taxes Personal Finance Kim Moody: Lack of transparency, tax-free handouts and dollar amount taxpayers on the hook for shocking and staggering Published Feb 20, 2024  •  Last updated 1 day ago  •  5 minute read Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands in St. Thomas, Ont., at an announcement for a new Volkswagen electric … Read more

Cautionary Tales: Into the Black Lair – V2 Rocket (Part 2)

In the 1920s, Germany’s Society for Spaceship Travel boasted some of the sharpest scientific minds – like the incandescently brilliant young Wernher von Braun. But it had very little money, and progress was slow. Then, in 1932, the army made a proposal: it would fund more serious research if the enthusiasts at the Society would … Read more

Cautionary Tales – Tenerife: The most deadly air disaster

In 1977, two planes collided on the runway at Tenerife Airport. Why did the crash happen? And, given that it took place on the ground, why didn’t more people escape? In this new two-parter, Tim Harford explores the most deadly aviation accident in history. Both episodes are available now, ad-free, exclusively for subscribers to Pushkin+. … Read more

Cautionary Tales – Supersonic Nazi Vengeance: V2 Rocket (Part 1)

At the height of World War Two, British intelligence began receiving reports that the enemy was developing a rocket weapon. The idea seemed fantastical — resources in Nazi Germany were scarce and a rocket-building program defied economic logic. But one intelligence chief took the reports of a rocket weapon seriously and he managed to convince … Read more

Cautionary Tales – Martin Luther King Jr, the Jewelry Genius, and the art of public speaking (CLASSIC)

One speechmaker inspired millions with his words, the other utterly destroyed his own multi-million-dollar business with just a few phrases. Civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr (played by Jeffrey Wright of Westworld, The Hunger Games, and the James Bond films) and jewelry store owner Gerald Ratner offer starkly contrasting stories on when you should stick to the script and when … Read more

Cautionary Tales – George Washington’s Beard of Beetles, with The Dollop

/p> Cautionary Conversation: Just before Christmas 1799, President George Washington was riding around his country estate, Mount Vernon, when it began to snow. When he arrived home, guests were waiting for him. Known for his punctuality, he hurried to entertain them – still clad in his damp clothes. The next morning, Washington had a sore … Read more

Cautionary Tales – Glowing Peril: the Magical Glitter That Poisoned a City

In Goiânia, Brazil, a junk dealer acquires an old medical device from two scrap-metal scavengers. The device itself isn’t useful, but it comes with precious lead which will fetch him good money. There’s something else inside the device, too: a curious, crystal-like substance that glows bright blue in the dark. At first, the dealer is mesmerised by … Read more

Cautionary Tales – How the Radium Girls Fought Back

Mollie Maggia’s dentist planned to remove a painful abscess from her mouth. But to his horror, her jawbone disintegrated at his touch, crumbling and splintering until it resembled ash. Like hundreds of her colleagues, Mollie had been slowly poisoned by her work with glowing radium dust. Eight months after her first toothache, she was dead. In our previous episode, Cautionary Tales … Read more