Best Online Stock Brokers And Trading Platforms In 2024

The investing landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. We’ve seen new technology drop commissions and expenses substantially (to $0 for most), new tools helping investors, and a whole lot of competition to stay at the top of the pack. So, with all these changes, who do you (the readers) think is the … Read more

Parabolic patterns – forex and stocks trading

In financial markets trading, there is a saying that nobody rings a bell at the top of bull markets. Also traders are generally advised not to try catching the falling knife. It’s true, major market reversals are tricky to seize. But thanks to the reversal indicators like parabolic patterns we can more accurately predict these … Read more

Tradovate: World-Class Trading Experience

Key Takeaways: Tradovate is an innovative and efficient platform renowned in the trading world. The platform combines the expertise of two futures brokers, offering a modern and innovative trading experience. Tradovate provides over 40 trading tools, making it an ideal choice for future traders, including beginners. The platform’s commitment to innovation and accessibility places it … Read more

The Best Forex Trading Days For A Successful Trading Career

In order for you to understand the best forex trading days you must first understand how the forex market works. As with every high level skill, timing is very important. Since 1971, when fixed-currency markets ceased to exist due to the abandonment of the gold standard, central banks have relied heavily on foreign-exchange markets. Since … Read more

European Lithium Limited (ASX: EUR) – Trading Halt

Overview As the global push to halt climate change gains momentum, the European Commission is looking to regionalize the battery supply chain to capitalize on the rapid electric vehicle (EV) growth and limit its dependency on other countries through heavy investment and policy changes. Europe’s electric vehicle market value reached US$29.49 million in 2021 and … Read more

Trading Crude Oil Prices Plummet Below $70

OPEC+ Struggles to Stem Crude Oil Trading Decline as Chinese Economy Adds to Worries In a significant downturn, U.S. crude oil prices dropped by 4% on Wednesday, reaching their lowest level since late June. The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) contract for January settled at $69.38 a barrel, while the Brent contract for February closed at … Read more